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Dr.Weight // BEFORE and AFTER bariatric operation - practical guidelines // Potential problems following all types of bariatric surgery

Potential problems following all types of bariatric surgery

Bariatric Surgery - – 2008


Vomiting can be caused by excessive or overly rapid eating, by insufficient mastication or by too much fluid being taken with food.

If you vomit and are sure that none of the above applies, then the possible cause could be oedema and narrowing of tissues in the area of surgery. If such vomiting is permanent, you must inform your doctor as emergency measures are necessary against dehydration.

Bowel movement disturbances

A frequent problem is constipation, which could be caused by a serious reduction in food intake (the less you eat, the fewer bowel movements you have) and is sometimes treated by iron supplements.

It is very important to prevent constipation, as it leads to increased intra-abdominal pressure, thus increasing the risk of hernia and haemorrhoids. For the first month after surgery especially, do everything possible to ensure a soft regular stool:

  • eat more vegetables and fibre;
  • drink more water;
  • take mild laxatives if necessary, but not on a regular basis as this could lead to dependency;
  • take apple or plum puree without sugar;
  • start physical exercise.

From 4 weeks after the operation you may start taking potato with peel, bread with bran, and raw vegetables or legumes, but do so carefully.

Hair structure

Protein deficiency can injure hair roots. To prevent hair loss in the 2 months after surgery, be sure to take enough protein and zinc (daily minimum 50g for women and 63g for men). If nutrition is sufficient in protein, zinc and vitamins, hair structure recovers within several months.

Insufficient weight loss

Consider bariatric surgery a tool in your struggle with excess weight, not an instant magical cure. You must first revise your eating habits completely. Avoid food high in fat and sugar (chips, fried and fast food, pop-corn, crisps, sweets) or the process of weight-loss will be slowed. Avoid food fried in grease, lard, butter or margarine. Spices, vinegar, mustard and other flavourings can be used in moderation.

Favour food low in fat and sugar (fruits and vegetables, low fat meat, poultry, fish, low-fat milk products), and results will come steadily but surely. Dryness of the skin

Dryness of the skin could be a result of weight loss and water loss. Correct nutrition can prevent your skin from becoming dry. You may also consult our dietologist, who can recommend a specific nutrition plan to cure this.