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Dr.Weight // BEFORE and AFTER bariatric operation - practical guidelines // After adjustable gastric banding

After adjustable gastric banding

Bariatric Surgery - – 2008

After adjustable gastric banding:

During the first 2 months after the operation your bandage stays empty: this period is necessary for the stabilization of the device in the tissues around the stomach, as scar tissue is given time to fix the bandage in place and prevent further dislocation. Theoretically, weight loss is not desired at this time, though in some cases it occurs.

After the first adjustment the bandage is narrowed and starts squeezing the stomach behind it. The patient gains the feeling of early satiety in a few days.

But this pressure results in a gradual dissipation of the fat deposit between the cuff and the stomach, producing a dilatation of the gastric lumen. This means that a week or two after the first adjustment it is necessary to perform the second one. It is generally after this that intensive weight loss begins. This period usually lasts for six months, during which the patient loses 30-40% of excess weight. Then the stabilization begins and the weight loss stops. To resume weight loss it may be necessary to make a few more adjustments, after which the final weight loss can be achieved in a year. This final level of weight loss is determined by the patient.

Technically it is possible to achieve an ideal weight, but usually at the cost of some discomfort. If a patient does not want this, he/she can stop on a level a little above the ideal.